The Third Dimension

So photography is all about drawing with light on a photosensitive surface to create a representation of a moment in time of a three dimensional subject as a two dimensional image. But the real trick is to make a 3D effect on the 2D image creating an illusion of the full dimensionality of the original subject.

Flat photos are two dimensional and boring to look at. Interesting photos are also two dimensional but have the illusion of having that extra third dimension, giving the eye somewhere to wander through. Done well, they also make the observer feel as if they could step into the photograph or at least give them a sense of interest or intrigue.

That looks interesting and somewhat mysterious, I wonder where it goes? It takes your eye into the picture.

Love the shape of this and just how wide the portico is. I'd never noticed that before until I stopped and photographed it.

I'd like to walk through the passage way and down to the little shop at the end, as it looks intriguing, I wonder what it sells? Well it isn't actually a shop! Anyone know what and where that is, can you guess? 


So although all of the above pictures are in reality two dimensional and completely flat they give the illusion of being 3D, which is part of the photographers art.

✧ Jokul Frosti ✧

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