A Walk in the Glades

A glade is an open space in a wood or forest. So take your camera when you can and grab some photos with light filtering through the trees into the glades.

So the camera is a Pen-F, the lens a 25mm f1.2, the light soft and directional, the trees silent and still, the photographer lost behind the viewfinder. 

The great thing about this camera-lens combination is its ability to render beautiful colours, depth and detail. You feel you can almost step into the picture.

The 4:3 aspect ratio of this MFT camera is also ideal for this type of photography, squarer formats being much more sympathetic to such subjects than elongated "letter box" ones like the 3:2 ratio of FF/35mm.


I am a bit of a tree hugger I have to admit and just being among them is good for all us and our wellbeing plus for me photographing them is just icing on the cake.