Hallowed Halls

On rare occasions you may get to visit places that are normally restricted to the privileged few, mysterious places of light and shadow; you might even get to photograph them!

All right then, so it's a Victorian library actually, but it really is accessed only by the privileged few. So when you are asked if you would like to have a quick look round then guess what? The answer is a resounding, "Yes, please".

Then, when you casually ask the custodian if you may take a few pictures and they say, "Yes that's just fine". Yay, out comes the camera.

Apart from a bit of exposure trickery to make a mysterious light and shade shot, in reality the place was flooded with light with big high windows to admit maximum daylight in the Victorian way.


What a glorious place to sit and study as generations of scholars have. The rest of the photos may be found here.

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