A Walk In The Garden

A walkabout in a beautiful garden with my camera and my favourite prime lens to see what I might see as the sun shone on me.

This, for me, was a typical photo walkabout where I took my my camera with one lens and wandered about in a lovely location snapping away as I encountered whatever subject took my eye. The perfect day out as you might say.


Subjects like those of riotous colour, pattern and repetition as this one above.

Plus those of symmetry, light and shade as in the one above for example.

As well as those, above, of delicacy, detail and texture. 

Including those of perspective, symmetry, negative space and juxtaposition as above. But all sharing the common property of being pictures of opportunity. 


Quite a haul from simply strolling around on a hot day. The full set of snaps from that day may be viewed here.