I always dreamed of a time when I would have the perfect freedom to pursue my photography as a majority interest without other significant demands getting in my way. Even when such a thing eventually seemed possible things never turn out quite the way you might like...

Well I recently thought that I had reached that point where I was, finally, in charge of my own time and destiny and no longer beholden to anyone else. I could thus focus mostly upon what makes me most content i.e. my photography. Thus every day would be for me a perfect one devoted to the art of photography, if not totally at least in part and a serious part at that. Yeah right!


When I had to work for a living and I was at the beck and call of others especially my employers I had limited time for my passion for photography and often what free time I had had other demands upon it, or I was in wrong place at the wrong time or the weather was wrong and so on. Frustratingly months could go by without my even touching one of my cameras. Winter time was particularly bad.


Once I no longer needed to work for a living all this changed of course, didn't it? Well guess what? Whist things were somewhat better, I found myself making the same complaints, "My time often has other demands upon it, I am at the beck and call of life and the demands it makes upon all of us, I am often in the wrong place at the wrong time, the weather is wrong and so on. Frustratingly weeks can go by without my even touching one of my cameras.

So what is the issue here? Well it has got to be me I guess. It seems to me I have got myself into a cycle of excuses for non achievement which I need to break. The biggest excuse seems to be the weather is wrong. I have turned into a fair weather photographer, oh dear! So it really is time to break this one at the very least.


So the perfect freedom to pursue photography as majority interest without other significant demands getting in the way, has to be created, worked on and constantly refreshed. Otherwise the convenient excuses of everyday life nibble away at your resolve and turn enterprise into nothing but might-have-beens in the end. You consciously have to make the time and space to do it.