There is much written about the 'rules' of composition, long lists like the top ten, fifteen, twenty tips of great composition. Who can remember them all? We need something much simpler for practical use.

So do you consciously consult the rules of: thirds, symmetry, foreground interest, depth of focus, subject cut off, leading lines, diagonals, geometric shapes, patterns, textures, odds and evens, filling the frame, negative space, simplification, minimalism, subject isolation, point of view, colour harmony, providing space, left to right flow, element balancing, juxtaposition, golden ratio & golden triangles and... the list goes on and on, every time you frame a picture? No? Of course not!


Instead of all this waffly bollocks I give you the words of the great Ernst Haas, "My theory of composition? Simple: do not release the shutter until everything in the viewfinder feels just right."


I'm with you Ernst.

✧ Jokul Frosti ✧

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