Last Lens Standing

I have a collection of ten lenses for my Pen-F camera which is arguably way too many. There is one lens I would cling on to if all the others had to go however...

Now the logical choice from a flexibility, capability, versatility, mobility and convenience point of view would be my excellent little M.Zuiko 14-150mm f4-5.6 II super zoom. As I have said elsewhere this is the perfect all round travel zoom and great for walkabout photography too. This would not even be my second choice, let alone my first, but that's for another day.


The single lens that I would cling on to however is one of my M.Zuiko f1.2 Pro primes as you might guess from the images above, but which of the three? The 17mm or the 25mm or the 45mm?

Well anyone who knows me from my 35mm film rangefinder days has the insight about my love of 35mm prime lenses like Zeiss Sonnars, Distagons, Biogons and Planars and Leica Summiluxes, so they will guess immediately where this is going. So in M43 format which focal length is the closet equivalent to a 35mm lens in 35mm format? Yes indeed 17mm and thus my choice is my M.Zuiko 17mm f1.2 Pro. So why you may well ask?


The answer lies in its super fast accurate AF in low light, feathered bokeh, image depth for subject separation, sharp and distortion free optics for gorgeous image quality, fast wide open aperture for low light working at low ISOs, classic focal length whereabouts most of my pictures are made anyway.


Finally prime lenses i.e. of a single focal length, help you make better pictures anyway as they make you move about looking for the best framing of your composition making for much dynamic images taken from interesting angles rather than static ones zoomed into from one unmoving point.


So there you have it my Olympus M.Zuiko 17mm f1.2 Pro prime lens the one I will always cling onto.