More A Way Of Life

If you are truly passionate about creative photography then it is not a just a interest but a way of life dedicated to spontaneity and grabbing the next opportunity whenever it may occur to capture the decisive moment and make a great photograph.

Thus having your camera always with you is not an imposition rather it is a pleasurable necessity to the point where you feel uncomfortably undressed on those occasions when you are forced to be without it.


It's an old friend that is always there, patiently waiting, ready when you need it, an extension of your hands as you reach for it. intuitive in use through long familiarity, thought - intent - action - realisation as one.


You and your camera in harmony, lost in the moment, for ever enthralled by life, by photography. It is an emotional thing, Life and photography inseparably intertwined, one the reflection of the other as illuminated in the image above.