I have an approach to the photographic art which can best be defined as going walkabout with my vision switched on and my camera in hand. It fits perfectly with my genre of photography, that of representing the genius loci of places I like to explore.

The process goes something like this:

  • Choose a place that catches your imagination or peaks your interest  (somewhere new or somewhere familiar depending on how you feel)
  • When you think the light will be right, go there taking your camera and a selection of a few prime lenses (not more than 3 or maybe less) depending on your intent, making such visits as impromptu as you can
  • Then go walkabout to explore and see what you can see (really look hard and be open to photographic opportunities)
  • Make photographs exploring framing, viewpoints, where you stand, lighting and exposure; capturing each decisive moment accordingly in camera, whilst applying the techniques of absent presence
  • Bring the images back, load them up and view them, being ruthless about selecting the worthy few for final processing. Learn from what worked and what didn't and why
  • Be prepared to go back to a place again and again (including at different times and different seasons) applying what you have previously learned and to explore further
  • Above all go ahead and enjoy yourself, after all photography is meant to be fun.

If you go walkabout with your eyes wide open then you really have a chance of glancing the spirit of a place and if this genius loci smiles upon you then you may just be able to grab the moment and make an image that represents a bit of the essence of the place, a spontaneous glimpse into a hidden world if you like.


And now excuse me please, as it is time to go walkabout once more I think. Such fun!