Set Up & Grab

... Journal Entry

Set up my newly arrived OM System OM-1 II, stuck my M.Zuiko 8-25mm f4 Pro on the front and nipped out to grab a couple of snaps before the light faded completely late on a very dull and miserable February day in Winter. Camera and lens performed well considering the rubbish and uninspiring lighting conditions.

What can I say really? Well lots to study, learn and experiment with as ever with a new machine with all its new capabilities. The lens is impressive but I knew that already. The images aren't half bad as the light was truly awful and normally I wouldn't waste my time taking pictures in such conditions; so this portends well for more creative use of this camera in quality light.

So what do I think of my new OM-1 II? No real idea yet; come back to me in a few months time when I have had the opportunity to give it a thorough work out and I may be able to tell you then. 

What I can say is that it feels like a quality product that sits nicely in the hands, it was quick and easy to set up because of its excellent menu system and it can capture decent enough images in extremely murky, gloomy conditions and that's about it so far. More as things unfold...