Some photographs you take purely by happenstance, by encounter, on the spur of the moment, unthinkingly, as literally a snapshot. Yet somehow they come out with a pleasing aspect, by instinct I guess.

Snapped in an unconsidered moment on a garage forecourt, not even under the glittering lights of a showroom or the full production, razzamatazz environment of a motor show, never-the-less the picture of this car speaks to me.


The background is all wrong, the foreground is too busy and yet the machine sits just right, with it's 'right shoulder' forward (so to speak) exaggerated by the perspective of a moderate wide angle lens I guess. Properly poised as if about to 'take off' and go. It looks somehow purposeful.


Even all the unnoticed, at the time, reflections in paintwork on the sides of the bodywork contribute to this feeling and also give depth to its structure and curves as well, all of which was not part of a conscious thought process.


This was literally a grab shot. And yet, maybe in the minds eye, in the compositional vision of the photographer was the totally subconscious thought that, "This just looks right"; and then "click" the shutter was fired and an image was taken to later be discovered and smiled upon.


Even now it brings a grin to my face when I look at it, so I guess it as another example of the fruits of the walkabout snapshot style in action.

Image courtesy of Ford Motor Company
Image courtesy of Ford Motor Company

Ah and if you want to see what a professionally produced promotional shot looks like, then have a butchers at the one above of the up coming 2024 Puma EV all electric model from Ford. All glitz, glamour, low angle viewpoint and artfully lit. Pretty ain't it?