If you are searching for a splash of winter colour then look no further than your local plant nursery where riotous blooms like this Camellia, Black Lace, are to be found.

There are loads of other varieties of flowers with many riotous colours to be seen to stimulate to optic nerves and lift the spirits in this dull old time of year.

Bright daisies with their happy, smiling faces - once known as Day's Eyes as they opened in the day a closed at night.

There were pots and pots of primulas; they are a plants of the genus that includes primroses, cowslips, and polyanthuses and come in a wide variety of luscious colours.

Lovely violas are of the violet family Violaceae which includes pansies and violets of which there were also many on display in many colour varieties too.

Hellebores abounded; they are a type of poisonous winter flowering buttercup and according to old folklore able to cure madness though being poisonous it may be more a case of kill than cure. They can have white, green or 'purplish' flowers.


There were lots of other flowers to be snapped and indeed I did, the ones shown above being just a brief sample of what was to found on the day. It was a very rewarding and therapeutic session wandering about, snapping away with my camera followed by coffee and cake, as ever. A grand morning out.