Green & Gold

I was talking with a friend just the other day and she happened to mention that her favourite time of the year was Autumn for the colour of trees, this put me in mind of the green & gold.

Alright it's really the coppers, yellows and golds of the oaks and beeches mixed in with the greens of some of the leaves yet to turn and some evergreens, but it is spectacular is not?

Get the light right and you can capture that warm glow caused by the autumn sun striking the trees at a low incident angle and either back or side lighting the aspect.

It's like clapping your hands and saying "illuminate" then a dull scene turns magically brilliant and there you have it, the essence of Autumn distilled into a set of photographs.


Returning to my friend, I have to say that I am in total agreement, Autumn is indeed the best time of year and the changing colours of the trees makes it so. A set of photos illustrating this can be found here.